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The most important resource at Specialized Industrial Services Inc. is our highly experienced, quality staff.
SIS provides a level of expertise in decommissioning and demolition that can only come from years of experience. Our staff has worked on projects ranging from small-scale, one-dimensional tasks to extremely complex, multi-year endeavors such as complete industrial facility closures. SIS is comprised of project managers, estimators, superintendents and technical support staff experienced in all facets of industrial demolition, environmental remediation, construction management, and safety. Key team members are summarized below. Request detailed staff resumes for more information.

Aaron Siroonian - COO
Mr. Siroonian is Chief Operating Officer of Specialized Industrial Services, Inc. In addition to leading SIS through strategic decisions, he oversees all operational and fiscal matters for the company. He ensures project teams have all necessary resources available to them and communicates daily with operations managers. Mr. Siroonian has 25 years of experience in demolition, waste disposal, logistics, and asset recovery.

John DiMiceli – General Manager
Mr. DiMiceli serves as General Manager for Specialized Industrial Services, Inc. With 20 years of experience in remedial construction and decommissioning, he has a diverse background in facility closures. Mr. DiMiceli has responsibility for SIS’s operations and reports directly to company principals. Mr. DiMiceli holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering and a Class A California Contractors License.

Joseph Reilly – Director of Health & Safety
Mr. Reilly oversees and implements SIS’s safety program. With 25 years of experience working in decommissioning and remedial construction environments, he has a thorough understanding of safety and environmental risks associated with this D&D activities. Mr. Reilly utilizes detailed Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) to assess worker hazards and the appropriate engineering controls.

Mark Modaffara– General Superintendent
Mr. Modaffara has over 35 years of heavy civil, demolition, and remedial construction experience. He is typically assigned to SIS’s complex projects which require construction expertise in multiple disciplines. Mr. Modaffara has expertise in heavy equipment operations and techniques and can provide value engineering during the planning process. He oversees all craft labor and heavy equipment resources for SIS projects.

Bryan Ehara – Office & Accounting Manager
Mr. Ehara serves as Office & Accounting Manager for Specialized Industrial Services, Inc. With 10+ years of experience in construction, surface mining & demolition, and 15 years experience in general finance & accounting, he has a diverse background in project accounting & project management. Mr. Ehara has responsibility for SIS’s accounting & payroll management and financial reporting, and reports directly to the Financial Controller. Mr. Ehara holds a B.S. in Business Administration.