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Specialized Industrial Services Inc. gives the highest priority to safety and regulatory compliance. We have established a comprehensive corporate manual that contains health & safety policies and procedures. Although most of our projects are similar in nature, at times they bring unique hazards, characteristics, and considerations. Our project teams utilize detailed Job Safety Analyses (JSA’s), which allows us to effectively assess risks and implement appropriate engineering controls. SIS is prepared to execute projects with innovative methods, ensuring that the environment and health of all personnel are highly respected. SIS emphasizes safety program participation from all levels of our workforce. We understand that a safety program is not just a document or plan filed away in an office, but rather a culture existing among all levels of the company. Our workers are always directed in a manner that reinforces safety over production or convenience.

• Nothing is more important than Health & Safety...Not production, not throughput, not profits.
• Accidents, Illnesses, and injuries are preventable...They are not inevitable.
• Health & Safety is a management responsibility... And Health & Safety can be managed.
• Health & Safety is an individual responsibility... And a condition of employment.
• Every task must be performed with a concern for Health & Safety...for ourselves, our fellow employees, our subcontractors, visitors, clients, and the communities in which we operate.
SIS Health & Safety Policy is: